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http://oceanadesigns.net/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://oceanadesigns.net/envira/azul-platino/ Starting a new career as an artist takes a lot of energy and whole new ways of looking at everything around us. Art classes, different teachers, styles and mediums is a never-ending education. Private classes with a local artist along with a variety of workshops taught me the ‘tools of the trade’ to get started. Two years at the Art Students League of Denver took me to the next level in terms of color, composition, mediums and drawing. Various teachers offered a wide range of education and got me up and running with my pet paintings. Park Hill Art Club brought me the insights to abstract painting and color mixing and a drive towards developing my own voice, unique style. Most recently I’ve been working under the mentorship of Michael Dowling, a nationally renowned artist. A very active combination of training, entering juried shows and participating in key festivals has successfully built up my business and skill sets for my art career. While pet paintings have been key to my business, explorations of new and unique themes have begun to push my art further, making a distinctive mark.

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