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Observing nature throughout the fields and trails of colorful Colorado provides Christa MacFarlane with the inspiration that drives her paintings. Adding symbolism and recognition to otherwise overlooked parts of nature deeply intrigues her. Although her subject matter is often made up of the ‘ordinary’, she challenges herself to find a way to project a deeper meaning and make a unique statement.

Christa is attracted to the loose and fluid nature of acrylics on raw wood, as she paints native weeds and other ‘unnoticed’ elements of nature. Her childhood memories—running through the wide open spaces of Kansas, provided her with a lasting feeling of freedom and the opportunity to dream, explore and nurture her creativity—much like the process of her paintings today. Her strong illustrative skills, honed from a young age, are revealed and loosely depicted through her unique use of water soluble pastels.

Now that Christa’s own children have grown, the last few years have been a time of creative reflection. While taking a sabbatical from working as an elementary art teacher, the trajectory of moving forward with her career as a professional artist was inevitable. This time period of travel and experimenting has given way to her creative art process, while establishing new and expressive qualities in her own artwork.