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http://lavoixduyemen.com/en/tag/travels/ My background in history and social science has influenced my approach to painting. When approaching thematic ideas I almost always begin by researching historic images and considering how they might be interpreted in a contemporary society. Dog and Pony Show at Outnumbered Gallery in March is based on a historic look at the development of circus tradition in western tradition. Images depict individuals who live in and define this small cultural group which still hold a place in modern society. I hope my images are disarming and a vehicle for questioning ideas about the role of tradition, the nature of the individual, and that they force the viewer to look at relationships and ideas in a new way. My style of painting has developed through my exposure to a variety of technics. I have found I can express myself best when using a classic technique with layers of oil and charcoal. Using this classic approach to painting  allows wet on wet layers and clean original brush strokes to remain clear. Beginning with a more transparent layer also allows me to use line and form which I have previously developed in the charcoal drawing. I do not always completely understand where my paintings are going and sometimes they end up expressing something I didn’t intend or I pull in features from my past. I am not sure I can think of anything more exciting than to create something that takes on a life of its own.