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Eleven Years after stepping haphazardly into the ring for the first time George was offered a lot minute invitation to a nationally televised title fight in Bristol, Tennessee. As is so often the case in the sport of boxing, he was considered a veritable dorrmat—an easy target for this champion, Andre Sherod. George stunned the crowd and his adversary was devastated in the second round of this 12 round battle when he refused to answer to a third round bell. George had won the World Boxing Cruiserweight championship. 36 wins, 15 losses, 6 draws. In retrospect he had won two amateur titles, engaged in combat with six world champions, won the World Belt and maintained his sensibilities—an amazing run for any athlete—but George had hidden talents that had remained dormant throughout his career in fighting, artistic talents. This many years, 22 broken noses, and a whole career later, he is stunning the art world with abilities and unusual subject matter. His sculptures reflect his time in the ring and the warrior within.