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As a graphic designer for more than 30 years, I work with design concepts.
Since the fall of 1999, I have been working in metals and enjoy the tactile experience that occurs when transforming a two dimensional design into a fabricated three dimensional object of wearable art. I challenge myself to create works that are conceptual in nature and stretch the limitations of my own ability as well as others’ preconceptions about art. I like incorporating common and recylced materials — altering purpose and usefulness and elevating what is perceived as refuse into, what I hope is, art. Many of my pieces employ unexpected twists — an unusual finished back, hidden talismanic words or jewelry as a decorative element on a completely functional box. I strive to make a connection with the viewer and wearer that makes the work exciting and original and can be enjoyed for it’s beauty and quality.

I have an Associates Degree in Advertising, Design and Illustration from the American Academy of Art, Chicago. And live in sunny southern California.