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watch Jaime Leigh Bourbonnie is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Happily, she was named after the bionic woman on December 18, 1977. She was always an artistic soul … not wanting to color coordinate her clothes; always chose the most wacky eye glass frames, wore two different colored Chuck Taylor high tops, had a pink and brown bedroom. And so you can imagine what junior high and high school were like …

buy accutane thailand After graduating from high school, Jaime and her older sister backpacked through many countries for five weeks. Jaime brought her red Canon point-and-shoot camera. She wasn’t quite sure of its ability. Jaime met her eyesight in Europe. The visual experience was far greater than the beer gardens in Germany. Seriously, discovering sight and being able to recognize the moment, especially when it’s simple, is a liberating gift. Jaime believes that every person has a story to tell. The most ordinary people and places make the most extraordinary subjects.

In May of 2000, Jaime Leigh graduated with a BA in Photojournalism at The Metropolitan State College of Denver. She makes pictures of wedding stories, children, babies, pets, families, senior portraits, small towns, big cities and backyards. She composes her work from corner to corner in the viewfinder; there is no cropping after the image is made. What inspires her … people of all ages, old buildings, words, photo books and traveling. She uses a 35mm Canon camera and loves film because it’s artful and imposes wonder.