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order provigil online overnight delivery Artist Lee Pierce was born in Philadelphia in the 1950’s, and currently resides in Central Illinois. Pierce’s interest in art began when she was nine year old, upon receiving her first paint-by-number picture. When she had finished it, her Father hung it up in his office for his patient’s to see. This experience caused Lee to realize that she had the potential and ability to entertain people with artwork— by turning a blank canvas into something special.


http://tomcarter.co.uk/nadine-mahoney-studio-documentation/ Her study of art was primarily self-directed, as she earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications at Northwestern University. She had always loved art classes, so upon graduating college she continued taking art classes and even studied under a noteworthy mentor in Boston, Massachusetts. Most of her passion lies with painting and collaging, and she currently continues her study of art history, biographies, techniques and paints every day.