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Inspired by ancient art, Nancy Troske takes elements from century old jewelry and reconstructs them for the modern world. “I feel a strong connection with goldsmiths from the very distant past: Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine. By working in their materials and techniques, there is a sense of continuity, shared tradition and love for meticulous craftsmanship.”

Nancy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Bridgeport. Following college, she studied ancient jewelry making techniques at the Jewelry Workshop and Gallery in NYC. She then relocated to the San Francisco area, and was one of the first rounds of students to study at the Revere Academy of Goldsmithing. She later spent several years in New York taking courses at the Gemological Institute of America. Troske produces highly individualized pieces, and even makes her own sheet and wire. She practices methods that ancient goldsmiths once did such as gold granulation, woven metal chains, filigree and enameling to create her incredible pieces.