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Tara Pappas is a mixed media artist and painter in Laramie, Wyoming. Drawing from her knowledge of fairy tales, folklore, and fables, Tara strives to create visual stories, embodying the timelessness of the fantastic and its connection with the ordinary; “When I sit down to create, I begin by building a foundation of words, upon which my visual story might rest.  I then apply layers of paint to build up the surface and create images that inspire stories that have yet to be told. There always comes this moment in my work in which I feel that my part of the story is finished—there is nothing more to be added. When I reach this point, I paint a brightly colored border around the edge of the work, signifying its conclusion. Thus the telling of the story is left to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.” When Tara is not in her art studio, she enjoys exploring the natural beauty of her surroundings, hiking the mountain trails of Wyoming and Colorado.